MPC AT-AT – An In-Progress post

This is the original release of the MPC AT-AT kit from 1981. This was given to me by one of the members of my model club back in 2006. He told me that since I was such a Star Wars fan, he felt that I could do a better job building them than he ever could. I started this not long after I got it, but it eventually got shelved. I dug it out a few weeks ago with the hopes of finishing this as a Battle of Hoth diorama with the snowspeeder flying around the legs of the AT-AT with the tow cable attached.


I resumed work to get it to this state. The plan is to do the famous tow cable scene from the movie.


Compared to today’s Bandai kits and even the Revell kits, this model leaves a lot to be desired. The fit is less than stellar.


I started applying paint and washes to each part of the kit separately. I felt it was easier to finish each minor assembly separately rather than the complete model.


More progress. The AT-AT is now able to stand on it’s own four legs without any worries of tipping. There’s still a lot more to do.




“We’ve spotted Imperial Walkers.”


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