Rogue One: UT-60D “U-Wing”

The latest in the Star Wars universe is the upcoming movie: Rogue One. The first spin off movie.  One of the more interesting ships in Rogue One is the U-Wing transport. The U-Wing kit is available from Revell. At 1/101st scale, it’s still a nice size model kit. This particular kit falls in the Build and Play line of models. The intention is to build and, most likely, play with it until its destruction. I’m not a big fan of the this line, but since it’s the only available U-Wing and decided to jump in with both feet.

This is a very east kit. I basically built it out of the box. The only changes I made was mostly paint colors. I painted the cockpit and aft engine sections which I painted gunmetal. I did weather the model to give it that Rebellion worn and tired look. I applied a gray wash to the entire model. Once dry, I wiped off the excess and dull coated the kit to seal the wash.

Overall, I recommend this kit. Well, I recommend it until Bandai releases their rendition of the U-Wing. For a beginner getting into sci-fi modeling this is a good kit.


MPC AT-AT -More Progress

With the weekend under way comes more time to devote to my AT-AT project.

I discovered that I was missing a piece in the kit. See ass this kit was in someone else’s possession before I got it and in turn made a few house moves, I’m not surprised a piece went missing. This piece goes at the top of the walkers legs. The kit piece is on top and my scratch built piece is the bottom one. It didn’t turn out too bad!


More progress overall. The cannons are now attached and the feet and struts are glued on.


In the above pic, I decided on a new base for this diorama. I will be using a picture frame as per a few YouTube videos I have watched in learning how to do snow landscaping.