Revell 1/72 X-Wing Fighter “Red 5”

dsc_0402This is the Revell 1/72 Snap-Tite X-Wing fighter kit. Overall an excellent kit. Relases in 2006, this kit is pre-painted and features engraved panel lines. The paint is ver good. So much so that I didn’t paint the kit. I decided to the leave the kit as-is and put a burnt umber acrylic wash over the kit. The wash was applied before putting the kit together and sprayed with dullcoat to seal the wash.


The Death Star tiles are 3D printed and come for an online company called Shapeways ( I ordered three different tiles. As you can see in the photos I ordered two on one style. Each tile is 7.5cm x 7.5cm and cost approximately $22.00 each. This display has four tiles and was a perfect fit for the base. Tee tiles are painted neutral gray with a black acrylic wash.


Overall a very good kit. I recommend this kit if you can find it. These Revell kits often get overlooked to Bandai or FineMolds offering.


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