The Work Continues…Bandai AT-ST


All the paint work is done on the AT-ST. The process was as follows:

  1. Model Master Aircraft Interior Black primer/Base Coat
  2. Model Master Neutral Gray for the primary color

Next will be a Glosscoat/Future and beginning the weathering process using Acrylic Washes. My goto paint for washes is Anita’a Acrylic Craft Paint. This paint is available at Hobby Lobby for a mere 77 cents. I’m a big fan of using acrylic washes. If the wash goes doesn’t go my way, I can just wash it off and start all over. You can’t do that with an enamel based wash.

If you notice in the picture above, you see some Imperial Stormtroopers around the AT-ST. The are from the Imperial Alliance table top game. This is the Stormtrooper Expansion set. The are a perfect 1/48 scale when removed from their base. They are vinyl figures and do require minimal clean up work to remove mold lines. They also make expansion sets with numerous other figures.  This set cost $14.99 for three figures. Not bad considering the amount you would pay if you went to Shapeways and these 3D printed. So far, these are the only source for these I have found  and they are worth it.


The detail on the figures is very good. You can see the size difference to the towering Chewbacca compared to the Stormtrooper.


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