Revell’s 1/29 X-Wing


Revell’s 1/29 or 1/30th (depending on who you ask) SnapTite Max X-Wing fighter was released in 2013. This large model kit consists of 93 pieces on six sprues. The pilot figure is vinyl.

Upon opening the box and first inspection, it doesn’t look too back. This X-Wing is almost studio scale, but not quite. The defacto scale for studio models is 1/24th or larger. Either way, it’s big. The upper fuselage is separated into 5 segment. Which is absolutely ridiculous.

Once I starting looking at the kit a little closer, I notice that somethings were quite right. There was “patch” panel is places that I didn’t recall the ILM models having. Is this a big deal, well, no. It seems that Revell kind of made it up as they went along. The overall shape of the X-Wing is good, they just threw on some extras. This is easily fixed with some sanding.

X-Wing Top

Missing are some important details, such as the cargo bay hatch. All the other X-Wing kits, MPC, Fine Molds, and Bandai got this right. Revell felt to leave it off. This is corrected with some plastic card.

X-Wing Bottom

More to come….