The dust has finally settled…

Well, I’ve finally moved into the new house and my work area is once again set up. I am now able to resume progress on the Revell X-Wing.

The first thing I did was work on R2. Since the build is a mix of ILM and filming and Special Edition, I decided that R2 need some weathering, not that anyone is going to see home after he’s placed in the X-Wing.

R2 front with panel wash

R2 back with panel wash.

Weathered R2 in X-Wing

Patch Panels

During the course of construction, the patch panels that were molded on the bottom of the fuselage were sanded off. I needed to replace the panels. Evergreen styrene to the rescue here.

Patch panels reinstalled

Once complete, I painted the underside Tamiya AS-20. Few messy step was to start the panel painting process.

After a lot of research, I’m convinced that there is no definitive Red 5 paint reference. All builds seem to have paint differences. I think I’m just going to go with best judgement and do my best to replicate Luke Skywalker’s Red 5 from A New Hope.

First under fuselage paint color.

The first color I applied was Model Master Acryl Aged White Flat.

Aged Flat White applied to under fuselage

I also corrected one of the intakes color. I originally painted it a yellow that was too bright. The aged white flat was spot on.

Repaint of intake to the correct color

As you can see from the above picture, the droid strip is complete as well. This was accomplished using pastels to get a “correct” color. I used rust, black and gray pastels shaved into a powder.

I applied the rust pastel first.

First application of pastel

I then applied gray and black until I got a match.

Droid strip finished

Once I was happy with the color, I sealed the pastels with light sealing layer of Dullcoat.

Next up will be paint more colors too the fuselage and chipping it accordingly.

Until then, MTFBWY.

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