Astromech work

While I’m trying to figure out what comes next on my Red 5 build, I thought I’d try to make some progress on my upcoming Blue Leader build.

I pulled the droid out of the kit. The first thing I did was remove the dome from the body as I wanted to fill the nasty seam in the dome and I also wanted to reposition the head.

I cleaned up all the mould marks on the legs and the I repainted the legs and both halves of the body Tamiya White Fine Surface Primer. After a couple of coats and a couple of days of drying I decided to test my skill at repainting this little R2 unit with his red accents. This was actually easier than I thought. Using a small brush and some things put red acrylic paint, I carefully repainted the red accents, as well as, the silver accents and louvers on the body.

R2-D2 and companion

Once dry, I sprayed the droid with Testors Gloss Coat. Making sure he was nice and shiny.

After the Gloss Coat dried, it was time to mix up a black wash. This gives the droid some depth.

Black wash concoction

I applied the wash and set aside to dry. When dry, take a slightly damp Q-tip and gently wipe away any access black wash. If you take too much off, just reapply, dry and try again.

Once you halt with the final result, apply a light coat of Dull Coat to the droid to seal the wash.

Once complete, he looks like this :

Finished washed droid.

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