Early Blue Leader work

I couldn’t paint anything on Red 5 yesterday, so I decried to push ahead on some early Blue Leader /Blue 1 progress.

A fellow builder and good friend pointed me to some stands and inserts that he uses on his X-Wing builds.

These video camera stands can be found on Amazon for around $10.

The 1/4″-20 threaded insert can be found at Amazon as well. The only problem I had with purchasing the inserts on Amazon is that they come in quantities of 50 or 100. I only needed two. I went to a local hardware store (Lowe’s) and found what I needed in the hardware department in the specialty furniture hardware drawers. They had a bag of four for $4.00.

I drilled a 5/16″ hole in the belly of the fuselage. The was hole was a little undersized, which was okay. This allowed me to get the opening to the right size to install it as flush as possible.

I glued the insert to the inside of the fuselage with a generous supply of super glue reinforced with baking soda. Apply the baking soda while the super glue is still liquid.

Since there is a curve in the belly of the fuselage, I sanded the edges of the insert until the entire insert was contoured to the fuselage shape.

Metal insert.

Once dry, you can screw the stand to the model.

Stand attached to X-Wing.

Once I was satisfied with the overall install and strength of the insert. I removed the stand and attached it to a 12×12 base.

Stand attached to wood base.

This seems to be the accepted method for displaying Star Wars models. The stand swivels allowing the builder to position the model in any attitude.

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