Death Star/Battle Station Tiles

Death Star Tiles

Prior to Bandai incorporating Death Star tiles as bases/stands into their kits, there was essentially nothing available in the way of dressing up your in flight displays. ICONS displayed their X-wings and TIE Fighter over a Death Star display base, but those weren’t available as a separate product and if they were, you’d pay a small fortune for them as ICONS was pretty proud of their product.

That’s all changed. Hole in the Wall productions has made available a very nice set of tiles for your displays.

The tiles are cast resin and measure 6×6 inches. Each tile cost between $12 & $14. This is an excellent price for these tiles! With my previous builds, I’ve had to scratch build the tiles out of Evergreen sheet styrene. It is very tedious and time consuming work to replicate these necessary tiles for an in-flight displays.

Below you can see the size difference between a Bandai tile and the Hole in the Wall tile. The detail on the larger tile is excellent.

Size comparison to Bandai tile.

I highly recommend these for your next project! A set of four tiles is $48 and worth every bit of it. I will most likely order another complete set for my McQuarrie X-Wing build.

Group size comparison.

The tiles can be found here.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the tiles.

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