Blue Leader Progress

While waiting for glue to dry on the Red 5 build, I decided to move over to the Blue Leader build that had been sitting forlorned on the side table.

Falcon 3D Parts.

I recently received my shipment from Falcon 3D Parts. If you haven’t ordered update pieces from Falcon 3D Parts, you’re really missing out on some fantastic stuff.

The part I was going to tackle is the area on the aft side of the S-foils underneath the engines. Revell’s details aren’t accurate and really lacking detail. Additionally, the kit has you sliding the part into a recess.

Comparison of the kit parts to the Falcon 3D Parts.

In actuality, these parts are plant on details. So, the first thing that needs to happen, is the recess needs to be filled in. Using Evergreen sheet styrene and using the kit part as a guide, I created an insert that fits into the recess.

Styrene fill in.

The styrene was a little bit thicker than the depth of the recess. This was easily fixed by sanding the insert until it was flush with the surrounding area. Any gaps were filled and the area was sanded to remove any access filter.

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