Post X-Wing build photos

A quick run down/recap with what I did on this build.

This is the Revell 1/29 kit. Overall it’s not a bad kit, but it’s not that great either. It needs some help to be a respectable representation of an ILM miniature. I could have really gone to town on this model, but if I did all of the aftermarket stuff available and at the rate I build, it would be another year before I finished it.

Here’s what I did :
Falcon 3D Parts Plant on cannon mounts
Falcon 3D Parts cannons
Falcon 3D Parts canopy
Falcon 3D Parts Pilot figure
Scratch built additional details in the engine bays
Added hoses to the cockpit
Added canopy actuators to the cockpit
Removed the molded on engines and reworked them to better represent the ILM model
Added additional detail to the aft section

Overall, I think it turned out good. I’m my worst critic. There was a lot of inspiration from many Facebook groups that kept me going on this build.

Some armament

It was a challenge, by the canons are on!

The installation of the Falcon 3D Parts cannons to their plant on detail proved to be a little tricky.

It involves drilling the plant on part and installing a pin. Then drilling an alignment hole in the cannon. This gives the canon some thing more to attach to than just the raised base on the mount.

Falcon 3D Parts Cannons Installed

Overall, I think it looks great. I’m on the fence if I would want to tackle this again on my next X-Wing build.