Deagostini Millennium Falcon Update

For awhile, all you great subscribers to this page, have seen mostly X-Wing builds. So, here’s a change of pace.

Here’s my Deagostini Millennium Falcon. I haven’t touched this thing in a while. That’s because it’s a huge project. The most daunting question I keep asking myself is “Where am I going to put it?” I’ve decided, once again, to go the ILM route and display it the way it was meant to be displayed, in a flight mode configuration and supported the way ILM did it.

Here’s the mount I’ve come up with. It’s a modified projector mount from Amazon. There was some modification involved. I had to enlarge the mounting holes on the arms, remove the swivel mount (which was quite involved). Then I had to make a trip to Lowes to get 3/8 threaded stock and nuts and washers.

As you can see in the pics, I still have to cut down the threaded stock. The biggest drawback of doing this… No interior detail. The mount encroaches in the area where the interior insert goes. The ILM model didn’t have it and I guess mine won’t either.

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