Installing the Back Parts Cluster

Installing the Falcon 3D Parts Back Parts Cluster for the Revell 1/29th scale kit is pretty straight forward.

The first thing your going to have to do is remove the lip that holds in the stock kit part. You can go about this many ways.

1. You can sand it down flush

2. Cut it out

3. Using a scribing tool, you can scribe it out.

Using my scribing tool, I went along the outside edge until I cut part way through the plastic. I then used my sprue cutters to cut the lip out.

I then sanded any raised areas flush. I ended up with a few bucks in the plastic. I decided to go ahead and fill the entire area with 3M acrylic putty.

Once dry, sand the area smooth to remove the excess filler.

I found that the new part is a little taller than the kit part. I sanded down the top part of the engine cluster until both fuselage halves closed flush.

Be careful doing this. You don’t want to take off too much. Sand cautiously.

Once this was done I fitted the insert to the cluster and found that it too was too tall. The required sanding the insert as well. Once again, sand cautiously. Take your time and check the fit of the insert. Constantly dry fit the parts to ensure a proper fit.

Once done, it should look like this:

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