Too good not to share!

I normally don’t do this, but this was too good not to share. Bill George did this model. I’ll let his text do the explaining:

Early Resistance X-Wing

“For season 2 of Star Wars: Resistance I was asked to design a modified version of the original X-wing. The idea was that it started as a Jedi-era standard X-wing that was souped up by its owner to make it faster and more lethal.

S- Foils closed.

For the model, I started with studio scale X-wing castings from Jason Eaton and Mike Salzo as a base and added the modifications. It was a very fun project to do. From this model they created the CG version for the show.”

Rear Facing Guns
Droid Strip
Top of S-Foils
S-Foils Open – Rear View

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