Blue Leader: Painting the fuselage

It was time to start applying some of the colors to the fuselage. I have decided that while I’m going to portray Blue Leader, I’m not going to do the original Blue Leader or the Rogue One Blue Leader. This build is going to be a mash up of both ships with some artistic license thrown in.

The base coat is Archive X Reefer White. Once that was dry, I lightly sanded the fuselage to thin the white paint. This allowed the black paint to show through.

The next step was applying gray around the canopy. This was painted with Model Master Neutral Gray (FS36270). I also applied Neutral Gray to other panels as well.

Neutral Gray around the canopy.

The next step was to start adding other grays. The next color I choose was Model Master Light Gray. It’s interesting, on its own, Light Gray looks almost white….until you apply it over white. Using more artistic license, I chose areas that I thought would look best with Light Gray applied. Once I was satisfied with my application, I then chose Model Master Light Ghost Gray for some panels. To tone down the entire fuselage, I lightly sprayed Light Ghost Gray over the fuselage.


Left side Light Gray, Light Ghost Gray panels. Light Ghost Gray overspray.
Right Side Light Gray, Light Ghost Gray panels. Light Ghost Gray overspray.
Top View.

This is the first round of colors. There will be more, the blue stripe down the sides, yellow, various other colors.

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