Finally, A little color


Making my way through the journey that is X-Wing building, it was time to start working on what makes these kits look like ILM inspired miniatures. I was time to tackle other colors other than shades of gray.

The original Blue Leader had these yellow looking areas on the S-Foils. The color that is applied here isn’t a shade of yellow, but it’s called “Trench Olive”.  Archive X has this color in their line of paints. My only problem is that I didn’t have any. So, Model Master to the rescue. Model Master reintroduced some of the old Floquil colors as acrylics. I had Flat Earth and Olive Drab. Using my skewed logic, earth is in trenches and olive is, well, olive. I mixed up a batch that looked the part and airbrushed it on the fuselage and the S-Foils. When I applied, it was bright. Once dry, I lightly sanded it and the applied a misting coat of Light Ghost Gray to match what I did to the fuselage. That really toned it down.

Next was adding some random, differentiating panels. I used light gray and light ghost gray on some random panels. Next up was a part I was dreading…the Blue Squadron markings. You may think, “Why is he dreading that?” They look good in the picture. Let me explain…

I decided that I was going to use Vallejo Dark Blue for my blue stripe. I have never used Vallejo paint. This is most due to the horror stories I have heard about this brand of paint. I had a hard time getting that blue stripe down both sides of the fuselage. The paint didn’t want to spray out of my airbrush right. Once dry it was susceptible to being scratch off easily and hard to mask over. Honestly, I really didn’t like it. But, at this point, I felt I was stuck with it. So, when it came time to do the blue squadron markings, I cringed. There’s an old saying, when all else fails, read the instructions. So, that’s what I did. I learned a valuable lesson when it comes to Vallejo paint. Use the Vallejo system and everything will work like it’s supposed to. Following the instructions of 5 parts paint to 2 parts thinner and 1 part retarder works wonders! To achieve that, you must use the Vallejo system, Nothing else works right. Lesson learned. It really airbrushed great! So, before, I wouldn’t touch Vallejo with a 10 foot pole. Now, it’s not that bad.


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