Intakes, Chipping and a little Grime

Moving on to one of more fun aspects of creating these models, chipping the paint. To create this effect, I use Humbrol Maskol. I mask of the area to be painted and then apply the Maskol randomly to the area to be painted.

Note the chipping around the intakes.

Once the paint has dried, I remove the paint and gently rub the area and the Maskol will peel off. This effect looks great.

Once I was done with the intakes, I cleaned up my airbrush and mixed up some Grime. I sprayed he recesses of the S-Fiols, the engine area, the droid strip and some streaking. Grime gives the X-Wing a bit of a dirty look. I didn’t want to heavy with it as Blue Leader really wasn’t that dirty of a miniature. Actually, it was pretty clean when compared to the later Red 2 version of itself.

Recessed areas painted with Grime.

Additionally, I painted the areas aft of the nacelles Grime as well. I did this because painting under them will be difficult once the engines are installed.

Right side of Blue Leader

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