Dave Goldberg Y-Wing build

DaveG Y-Wing

Progress so far.

This Y-Wing is a tad different. This is the DaveG model, but resized to complement the Revell large scale X-Wing model kit.

While the scale of the Revell X-Wing has been stated as 1/29 scale, using the accepted dimensions of a Studio Scale (1/24) X-Wing and applying that to the Revell kit, it actually works out to 1/31 scale. Using this logic applied to the DaveG stl files requires a reduction of 22.8%. The key to making all of this work out is the droid figure. The droid canister is 15mm. The opening on the X-Wing is 15.1mm. The opening on the resized DaveG file with the 22.8% reduction is exactly 15.1mm. So, the math works out.

The real challenge will be finding greeblies to apply to the model. Since this isn’t the standard studio scale model, kit bashing with the correct parts will be near impossible. The only option for 100% accuracy is asking Falcon3DParts to resize there current line of DaveG greeblie sets to the size I need.

As of now, I have the the ship mocked up. The armature and supports are styrene with either smaller styrene tubing or brass tubing installed for rigidity. The “wing”, as of now, is stacked styrene sheets. This will probably change to eithe all metal or a single ply of aluminum with styrene sheets laminated to it.

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