Working on the cannons

After a short hiatus, it was time to work Blue Leader again. The cannon main bodies were attached to the s-foils using MA310 adhesive.

The cannon main bodies are Falcon3DParts as are the the forward heat sinks and collars.

The cannons themselves are the kit cannons modified. I removed the tips and replaced them with brass tube. I drilled out the the cannon and inserted brass tube to reinforce it and extended into the main body.

The entire assembly fits into a 5/16 styrene tube that runs the entire length of the cannon main body.

A Better Adhesive

I don’t know what everyone is using to attach resin parts together. You may be using CA, Gorilla glue or some other adhesive. I have been told by a well known member of the Star Wars model replica community about a better adhesive: Plexus MA310.

This stuff is strong…I mean STRONG! You’ll break the model apart before the bond breaks. It does have a working time and sets up in about 8 minutes. Once it’s set, it’s set.

This was perfect for the cannon bodies. On my last X-Wing, I did a bunch of measuring, drilling holes and pinning the cannons. It was a pain. This was a much easier and better solution.