Engines are on!

The engines are finally attached to Blue Leader! Now, it’s looking like an X-Wing. I still need to weather the engines to match the rest of the build, but this X-Wing is turning out better than I had expected.

It was totally worth the wait on these replacements. I want to send out a BIG thank you to the person who made these available to me.

Engines in place
It’s looking like an X-Wing!

I went back and forth on using the kit engines versus a replacement. I’m especially happy with these results. it really puts this build over the top.

New Engines!

I decided to go with a set of one-off engines that we’re 3D printed by a friend of mine. These engines are scaled down from a 1/18 scale X-Wing kit.

The detail on these engines is outstanding! I really appreciate him printing these for me.

I removed all the parts from their supports and clean them up. Doing the usual process of Tamaya gray primer, flat black and reefer white (WOB) process I painted the engines.

I decided to change things up a bit and paint the interior of the exhaust nozzles copper instead of the normal painting process.

Next up, I will start the weather in process and then attach them to the Blue Leader X-Wing.