Changing things up

My Blue Leader project was never intended to be any Blue Leader in particular. It’s a mix of Project 504, Red 2 and Blue Leader (Rogue One).

Blue Leader

With that, it was never my intention of using a Rebel pilot in this build. I wanted the ILM style pilot. Unfortunately, that pilot figure wasn’t available for the Revell kit.

That is until now. I found a 3D file of the ILM pilot that I could print on my SLA printer.

ILM style pilot figure

I didn’t like the position of the arms or the head. So, once the figure was printed, I cut off the arms and head. I repositioned them to a more natural position.

I primed the figure with Tamiya Gray Fine Surface Primer. Once dry, I painted the flightsuit Model Master Cobalt Blue. Using a custom mix of colors of lighter and darker shades for highlights and shadows. I painted the helmet white with gunmetal visor. The gloves and boots were painted flat black. The stairs and house are painted neutral gray.

The helmet was decorated with various decals from the spares box.

I sealed the figure with a light coat of dull coat.

ILM Pilot in his office
“Pickup your visual scanning”

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