Y-Wing: The Work Continues…

All major components printed and fit together

The forward domes and T-bar support greeblies where printed on my EPAX X1 printer using EPAX Hard Resin. They turned out very well considering the size of the parts.

The T-Bar is Plastruct T-8, 90086. For a 1/29 scale Y-Wing, the length of the T-Bar works out to about 11 inches. A notch needs to be cut in the forward end of the T-Bar to allow it to slide under the T-Bar supports.

Notch cut in T-Bar.
Fitting T-Bar under supports.

I started painting the pilot figure. Duplicating my effort from my Blue Leader build, I repositioned the figures arms to give it a more natural look.

The figure was primed with Tamiya White Primer. After drying for a few days, I began painting. The first color is Pure Orange thinned as to give an almost transparent orange tint to the figure. I let each layer fully dry between coats until the figure’s flight suit is a solid color. The shadows are accomplished by mixing a drop of black into the pure orange.

Once satisfied with the flight suit, I move one to the belts which are paint “gray”. I picked out some of the details with “light gray”.

The boots and gloves are flat black.

Once everything has dried, I sprayed the figure with a nice shiny layer of Glosscoat and set aside to dry. It’s important that you seal the figure. Handling the figure will rub the acrylic paint off.

I painted the visor Model Master Magnesium. It’s important to do this while the model has a gloss finish. The paint flows better.

Next up was adding some markings to the helmet. I went to the spares box and found what I felt were decals to make it look interesting.

One the decals were set and dry, I sealed everything with Dullcoat.

Completed pilot figure.
Sitting at the controls.

Sci-Fi Studio Scale Model-Y 3D Model kit

Y-Wing 3D SLA Printed Model Kit

I recently purchased and downloaded a 3D model from Sci-Fi Scale Models. What you see above is printed on both a Form3 and EPAX X1 SLA 3D printer.

Overall, the detail is very well represented. There are options to print the model as a blank canvas and print/attach all the greeblies similar to ILM or print each part as complete assemblies. I opted to print each part complete.

This is version 2 of the 3D model. A version 3 is in the works with changes in some detail parts and parts break down. When it arrives, I’ll will be purchasing the new version of the Model Y kit.

Version 3 Model Y

You can find the Model Y kit and others at: http://www.scifi-studio-scale.com

Check them out!