Starting to come together.

Top view of the “Red Jammer” Y-Wing

All the major assemblies are together. The main body, which is two pieces is together, primed with Mr. Surfacer 1000 and then sprayed with Flat Black. The nacelle radomes have their primer coat and are ready for a layer of flat black.

The nacelle radomes require an extra step prior to the black. Using the actual “Red Jammer” as my guide, I noticed that the gray is the color underneath the chipped away white.

The real Red Jammer.

This will require me to apply Maskol to the forward nacelles prior to applying the flat black. It will be important that I do my best not to inadvertently rub off the Masks prior to applying the white color.

I continued work on the forward section applying the red stripe. This was pretty difficult. In my onion, everything hinges on the stripe on the top and bottom of the head. Getting the curve right is the hardest, least favorite part of building a Y-Wing. But it’s so important that it be there.

Painting the forward section.

Right now, the colors are very bright. As one builder described it, “it’s in the clown car phase of painting”. It’s bright. All of this will get knocked back as other light coats of paint are applied.

Bottom of the forward section.

I was facing a dilemma when it came to deciding what droid I want to assisting my pilot. I had three styles to choose from: R2, R4 or R5 units. Initially, I was going to use an R2 unit, but I always keep swapping the head to an R5. For some reason, an R5 droid and Y-Wings go together Maybe it’s because as a kid, I remember seeing friends put R5-D4 in their Kenner Y-Wing toy. You know, because R2-D2 was always with Luke in his X-Wing!

R5 Unit.

So, I went with the R5 unit. I made up the paint job. His official name is R5-DE4. I went with a a green paint job to have him stand out. when sitting in the back of the ship. I was afraid that if I kept it overall white with green details, it would get lost with the rest of the ship. I think he turned out pretty good.

Until next update….MTFBY

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