About The Rebel Alliance

The Rebel Alliance is a blog to showcase Star Wars scale modeling.


MPC was the first to release Star Wars scale models when the movie was released in 1977.


Since then AMT/Ertl re-released the MPC kit as well as later kits for Return of the Jedi and Revenge of the Sith.


In, 2006 Revell-Germany  and FineMolds picked up the Star Wars license.


Today Bandai has a significant amount of kits released covering all of the movies.


Recently, Revell has picked up with license for Episode VII and Rogue One and has developed new kits reflecting new vehicles and has picked up the FineMolds license.


There have been small “garage” kits have been released over time covering both large and small scale subjects.

This site will show off my model kits that I have built or are building as well as models that I have photographed at scale model contests.

I welcome your comments. Enjoy!